RackSolutions 3U, 2Post Rack Rails

RackSolutions 3U, 2Post Rack Rails

The RackSolutions 2 Post Rack Rails are designed to give users a durable, high-performance rail solution for standard 19″ server racks. As a result, the 2 Post Rack Rails are simultaneously durable and versatile. Durability comes from strong construction principles and a zinc plating finish. This allows the device to support a maximum weight of 200 lbs. All of this is achieved in a form factor 24″ long with a mounting depth of 10″ to 31.75″. The 2 Post Rack Rails get their diversity from a form factor compatible with Dell, HP and IBM. servers. Furthermore, the rails can be mounted in both center and flush settings, making them easy to deploy in a variety of settings. This ease is furthered by the rails’ compatibility with square, round or threaded holes. Besides giving users durability and versatility, the rails also offer a reliable, professional solution. To make this possible, RackSolutions equipped the rails with a built-in cable management bar to ease cable routing and Velcro straps to help keep wires from going astray. The 2 Post Rack Rails ship with screws, cage nuts and nuts for all rack types, easing installation and ensuring users have all the hardware they need to assemble the server storage solution.Weight capacity, 45 – 200 lbs
Includes cable management bar
Velcro straps provided for securing cables
Mounting depth: 10 – 31.75″ (254 – 806 mm)
24″ (610 mm) long

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