Why Technology Recruiting is Broken and What to do about it

Why Technology Recruiting is Broken and What to do about it

Anyone tasked with staffing technical resources is cursed with the struggles of:

•Reviewing and evaluating mountains of resumes from dozens of sources
•Scheduling and interviewing candidates who are a poor fit
•Losing the highest qualified, best fit candidates to other organizations
•Spending far too much time on the process

In this practical but lighthearted guide, Steve Acho shows you how to:

•Navigate an industry that is abundant with embellished and fake resumes
•Create a reliable process to consistently and efficiently identify people who are high performers
•Identify candidates who will be the right fit for your organization
•Spend 80% less time on the recruiting process but still accomplish the goal

Whether you’re an employee looking to staff a project, an internal recruiter, or a tech staffing agency, your value lies in your ability to efficiently attract and retain capable, motivated, professional resources.

This is not a book about how to conduct interviews. This is a book about how you can spend 80% less time and headache by interviewing the very best candidates in the first place.

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