3DTV and 3D Movie Technology: Articles 1996-2017

3DTV and 3D Movie Technology: Articles 1996-2017

These articles on 3DTV and 3D movies were written over the last two decades of the 44 year period since I began. They are illustrated with original photos and historical materials resulting from thousands of hours researching the technical and patent literature and attending and exhibiting at trade shows. I decided to publish them in a book as they have only existed in scattered locations and they have proven quite popular when I recently posted some of them on the net. They present information and viewpoints difficult or impossible to find that nicely supplement what is available elsewhere. The comprehensive coverage of various trade shows held at the peak of the 3D frenzy (ca 2009-11) are a unique record of what was actually available in the market place at major international shows. To attend one of them would cost the average participant over $1000 and a week’s time, with many hours a day walking the floor, fighting the crowds and exhaustion, and very few would see or understand most of what was on display. This was easier for me as I had already spent 36 years studying 3D full time. I exerted the most effort at NAB (the National Association of Broadcasters) where I trudged the aisles about 8 hours a day for 5 days visiting most of the 3D relevant booths twice, and then spent several weeks reading and researching to put them into context. The patent and technical literature searches however occupied four decades. I also include several practical articles on making and viewing 3D video that include numerous tips not present in the many books and articles I have seen. I make no attempt to repeat the material in the excellent books and countless articles that have appeared recently. Those who want a fairly comprehensive coverage of 3D technology should get the SPIE CD with many hundreds of articles from 1977 to 2009 ISBN-10: 0819476595 and subsequent proceedings, and of course for the diligent there is no substitute for the patent literature.

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