Pull Up Assist Band by WOD Nation – Best for Pullup Assistance, Chin Ups, Resistance Exercise, Stretch, Mobility Work & Functional Fitness – 41 inch straps | 1 Red 10-35 lbs

Pull Up Assist Band by WOD Nation – Best for Pullup Assistance, Chin Ups, Resistance Exercise, Stretch, Mobility Work & Functional Fitness – 41 inch straps | 1 Red 10-35 lbs

RESISTANCE BANDS FOR PULL UP TRAINING – If you want to train your upper body you know how good pull ups are for you. The problem is that it’s very hard to increase the amount you can do without some help. These resistance bands are the solution. Do as many pull ups as you can without the band first. When you can’t do any more add another thin band or use just one thicker band and squeeze out your last few reps. Do this on a regular basis and you’ll be stringing together multiple pull ups in no time!

RESISTANCE BANDS FOR TRICEPS AND BICEPS – These resistance bands are great for smaller muscle groups like biceps and triceps too. As the bands stretch the resistance increases so as you’re doing biceps or tricep curls your muscles are actually getting taxed the most at the end of the exercise which is actually much superior to using traditional dumbbells.

RESISTANCE BANDS FOR STRETCHING AND MOBILITY – While many athletes use these resistance bands, the trainers at WOD Nation are increasingly encouraging them to also use them for mobility and stretching. Attach the band to a pull up bar and grab it with one hand while leaning back to give the shoulders a great stretch for example. There are many resistance band mobility videos on our WOD Nation Gear website.

RESISTANCE BANDS FOR STAYING IN SHAPE WHILE TRAVELING – Believe it or not if you just stick one or two resistance bands along with a WOD Nation jump rope in your suitcase before you leave on a business trip or vacation and you’ll have everything you need to stay in great shape even if there isn’t a gym where you’re staying! Loop Band Resistance Levels: * 1/2″ | Red | 10 to 35 Pounds of Resistance * 3/4″ | Black | 30 to 50 Pounds of Resistance * 1 1/8″ | Purple | 40 to 80 Pounds of Resistance * 1 3/4″ | Green | 50 to 120 Pounds of Resistance * 2 1/2″ | Blue | 60 to 150 Pounds of Resistance

SINGLE #1 (RED) BAND – not a set. This band measures 1/2î wide, 4.5 mm thick and 41î in length. It offers resistance from 10-35 lbs. This band is a great beginner band for resistance exercises that range from bicep curls, squats or even overhead shoulder press. The #1 is also great if you are looking to do speed work by adding the band to your bench press, deadlift or squats.
MAKE FAST PROGRESS WITH YOUR PULL UP PROGRESSION – Don’t have strict or kipping pull-ups yet, use one (or better yet two) of these to jump start your assisted chin up training. These cross-training equipement is used in gyms around the world and also works great on a home door chin-up bar.
COMBINE TWO DIFFERENT BANDS TO BOOST YOUR STRENGTH FAST – We recommend that athletes use one light band and one heavy band together. Start your workout with the thin band. Then when you tire out switch to the thicker band. Then finally to squeeze out the last few reps, add them both together.
BEST FREE BONUS VIDEO COACHING SERIES – 1. Resistance bands for pull ups 2. Shoulder stretching with heavy resistance bands 3. Fitness bands front rack stretch for Crossfit 4. Hip flexor stretch with resistance band 5. Leg stretches with resistance bands. The video training is emailed after shipment. If you do not receive the email, let us know and we will make sure to get another copy over ASAP!
100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE – we pride ourselves on superior customer support. If you have any problems, we’re here to help.

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