Adaptxt Free Keyboard

Adaptxt Free Keyboard

LOCATION-BASED SUGGESTIONS – Adaptxt makes word suggestions, corrections, and predictions more relevant to your location, to help you type seamlessly wherever you go.
PERSONALIZED TYPING EXPERIENCE – Enrich your typing with personalized word predictions based on the application in use and your writing style.
LARGEST LANGUAGE SUPPORT – Enjoy the freedom of communicating in your native language with a support of over 90 languages.
AUTO-CORRECTION AND GLIDE – Accurate auto-correction will make your writing flawless; you can tap or swipe over characters (GLIDE) to type quickly and accurately.
INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC DICTIONARIES – 44 industry-specific dictionaries make Adaptxt keyboard the preferred choice for professionals like doctors, lawyers, businessmen and others across domains.
SHORTCUTS – Automatic Text Replacement (ATR) and application shortcuts makes typing effortless.
LAYOUT – Supports 12-key layout
THEMES AND CUSTOMIZATION – offers 21 extensive themes with the option of creating new custom themes.

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