D.A.I.S.Y: Direct Access Information System

D.A.I.S.Y: Direct Access Information System

Programmer Pandora Constantine’s dream is to create a natural-language program, a self-aware artificial intelligence like the HAL-9000, a Direct Access Information System she calls DAISY.

Lured from academia into the cold world of tech giant Titan Resources, she gets her chance to fulfill her dream. She is allowed to develop her AI, but its creation will come at a terrible cost: to Titan, to the nation — and to her.

Titan harbors a dark secret, a supercomputer called THALIA, protected by a giant cyber-security program known as MINOTAUR. The denizens of the Dark Web warn of dire consequences if Titan’s creation succeeds. Its rallying cry: “Beware the Necromath!”

TITAN has covert ties to the US military and to the NSA’s National Electronic Monitoring System (NEMS), known in the Dark Web as NEMESIS. Inexorably, Pandora is drawn into an evil world of intrusive surveillance, intrigue, betrayal and danger, wherein her creation, Daisy, will strive to protect her — no matter the consequences.

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