Chicago 1930 [Download]

Chicago 1930 [Download]

It’s an All-Out Turf War and Only the Toughest Will Survive

Chicago 1930, the days of Prohibition. Sometimes the heroes were the cops, and other times the good guys were what the cops called ‘gangsters’.

It’s Chicago in the 1930s, and gangsters control the town. The merciless Don Carmine Falcone has his own brand of law, and the police don’t have a chance. When Edward Nash is chosen to take down the mafia, an all-out war bursts out in the streets of Chicago–and you’re right in the middle! Choose a side: gangsters or feds, and duke it out with your enemies. Chicago 1930 is an RPG with missions, character advancement, and more, in quite the unique setting!

It just depends on which side you choose … Pick your side and play the game.

PC Minimum System Requirements: PC Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   800 MHz Pentium III processor
  • RAM:   128 MB
  • Hard Disk:   1 GB
  • Video Card:   3D video card with 32MB
  • Supported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista

    The Mob openly rules the city of Chicago. A Mafia chieftain arrives in town to lay down his law within each district. A special police task force is formed to take down the mob, by any means necessary. Open turf war breaks out throughout the city – so you’ll need to pick a side.
    Choose to play as the cops or the mob, manage your team of unique characters in missions with numerous objectives – escort VIPs, take out witnesses, raid illegal gambling dens, and more!
    RPG Features: each individual has five different attribute areas to aid them in their quests. When the action gets too hectic, jump to Slow Motion Mode to grab a breath and efficiently manage your team members in the heat of battle.
    Advanced Artificial Intelligence allows enemies to have varying, realistic reactions based upon unique combat situations. Highly detailed graphics immerse you in a gritty era of raucous, high-rolling gangsters and hard-as-nails cops.

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