Student Data Privacy: Building a School Compliance Program

Student Data Privacy: Building a School Compliance Program

This book is intended to help school systems tackle one of the toughest organizational challenges they face today: protecting the privacy of their student information while bringing a rich mixture of educational technologies into the classroom.Parent and legislator concerns about how school systems control and protect the privacy of student data are at an all-time high. It’s very difficult for school systems to navigate the federal and state regulations that apply to protecting student data privacy, understand how technology providers collect and protect student data in alignment with those laws and school system requirements, explain those complexities to parents and provide the reassurance the community needs that the student information remains safe. In this book, school systems will learn why protecting the privacy of student data is a critical leadership priority and a necessary commitment for the entire organizational ecosystem. They’ll learn how to approach building a data privacy compliance program, and the steps needed to help ensure that the school system appropriately manages its student data privacy responsibilities while still taking advantage of the tremendous benefits that technology has to offer in the modern classroom.

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