Clear-Ad – LHA-1411 – Acrylic Slanted Sign Holder 14 x 11 – Plexiglass Table Menu Card Display Stand – Plastic Picture Frame (Pack of 3)

Clear-Ad – LHA-1411 – Acrylic Slanted Sign Holder 14 x 11 – Plexiglass Table Menu Card Display Stand – Plastic Picture Frame (Pack of 3)

Adaptable, Eco-Friendly and Painless Display Solution

This is probably the oldest and the most popular of all acrylic photo frames in the market today. It is also extremely popular as it is unbreakable, lightweight and great looking plastic display frames. Clear-Ad’s LHA-1411 is a 14×11 acrylic display case which is ideal to display your photos and messages. It is a product that will fit into any business or office, so you can find multiple uses of it in restaurants or grocery stores, or even real estate agencies and travel agents. It lets you tell your story easily by displaying your message clearly. These single sided picture frames are ideal for homes, schools and offices as well. Their compact size makes then easy to place on any table without being in the way. They can be reused again and again as the message/picture is easy to change without damaging the frame in any way.

Steady and Strong Product

LHA-1411 is made of .1″ thick premium grade acrylic sheet. Single piece of clear Perspex sheet is moulded with special moulds to precision to create the exact angle and fold. It is open on the two sides and the bottom near the stand to allow you to insert photographs. The photos can be easily slipped out and changed innumerable times. The space between the sleeves is calculated to hold the picture in place and display it properly.

Economical Solution to Ad Display

Get the price benefit of buying in bulk. This listing is for a pack of 3 of LHA-1411 clear acrylic stands.

COMPLETELY CLEAR FRAME: Clear-Ad LHA-1411 is a clear acrylic stand for displaying messages, pictures and signs on table and counter tops. It is as clear as glass but a lot tougher and stronger. The thick lucite frame will not break even if it falls down. Why use breakable glass picture frame when you can be smart and use the unbreakable acrylic upright T plexi sign holder for your table signs, menu, price cards, photos, etc.?
SLANTED ACRYLIC DISPLAY STAND: LHA-1411 plexiglas sign holder is a single sheet of acrylic moulded into shape. It is scientifically designed for greater stability as well easy viewing. The 14×11″ plastic photograph sleeve is ideal for rate cards, menu, special messages, discounts, family photos, business information, promotional material, etc.
SINGLE SIDE CLEAR DISPLAY: LHA-1411 clear acrylic picture frame can be viewed from one side only. It is meant to display a single message/picture at a time. The acrylic sheet used to create this display stand is .1″ thick sheet that is break resistant and completely clear with no colour.
SUPERIOR DESIGN: LHA-1411 is a product of Clear-Ad the manufacturer and producer of superior office accessories. It has been designed for ease of use and stability. It is light weight and requires minimum amount of counter space. It is open from the bottom back and sides.
MADE IN AMERICA: Clear-Ad products are completely American. The mould as well as the production is based in the US. We create many job opportunities for fellow Americans. Buy products made in USA and support our efforts of reviving enterprise in USA. The listing is for pack of 3 frames.

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