ELECOM Keyboard cover for NEC LaVie S series PKB-98LS3 (Japan Import)

ELECOM Keyboard cover for NEC LaVie S series PKB-98LS3 (Japan Import)

It is a keyboard dust cover for NEC LaVie S series. It helps to prevent the keyboard from getting dirty and to use it neatly. Antibacterial processed material is used. It is extremely thin, it fits perfectly on the keyboard. It is an all separate type of natural operation feeling. Resiliency High in tear resistance, excellent in heat resistance and cold resistance. Use it on the keyboard. (Dirt, dustproof) Input work can be done from the top of the cover. Malfunction due to oil and water infiltration is eliminated, input work at the work site etc. can be done without worry. / Specifications Applicable models: NEC LaVie S series Material: Polyamide resin Antibacterial processing: yes. ELECOM Co., Ltd. is a Japanese electronics company, headquartered in Osaka, Japan. They are best known for their modern design, especially with their mice. The company produces many electronics along with other Japanese computer-peripheral manufacturers such as I-O Data, Buffalo, and Century micro that are shipped to many outside and larger companies, as an OEM (e.g. Century Micro is known to ship their memory chips to Samsung.) In recent years, its business has been expanded into new areas, including: supplies of tablet PCs and smartphones, health care products such as body composition scales and electric therapy equipment, and the digital home area, with an enhanced development of network products such as wireless LAN routers, a cloud service and an installation service for wireless LAN access points. The ELECOM group sets out to create new markets by aiming for the new comfortable space of smart home realizing product development and sales with the concept of a “Human interface: Connecting users to devices with more comfortable and better usability.”antibacterial processed material
for NES LaVie S series laptop

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