Turning Convenience Stores Into Cash Generating Monsters

Turning Convenience Stores Into Cash Generating Monsters

150,000 convenience stores are scattered throughout the United States and make up the largest number of retail businesses in any community. The $500 billion industry began 100 years ago and started without an inkling of inventory control. Turning inventory replenishment responsibilities over to suppliers, suppliers have taken the opportunity to turn their stores into warehouses and places to stack their unsellable merchandise. This practice must cease. The industry is in great danger of total collapse. As larger retailers like Walmart work with their suppliers to provide ‘everyday low prices’ to what they call their ‘common customers’, convenience stores are left to fend for themselves as suppliers battle over shelf space and launch promotions that cannibalize more profitable sales. Bill Scott has been providing software services to convenience store companies for 32 years, and he outlines in great detail a simple solution that you can adapt quickly and inexpensively to put retailers back in the driver’s seat, increase sales by 40% and double the profits in six months or less

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