AEA N22 Phantom Powered Ribbon Mic

AEA N22 Phantom Powered Ribbon Mic

The AEA NUVO Series is a range of modern microphones that are rooted in the RCA tradition just like other AEA ribbon microphones, but have been designed to offer a fresh approach of the ribbon transducer focusing on current application demands. The NUVO series represents Wes Dooley’s take on the evolution of the ribbon microphone. All NUVO microphones are designed with the needs of specific applications in mind.Specifically designed for singer-songwriters, musicians, and home studios.
Bridging the gap between the top end clarity of a condenser and the classic tone of a ribbon.
Phantom-powered electronics for optimal performance with any preamp.
Highly protected ribbon for close-up use and live sound applications.
Featuring the same Big Ribbon technology as the AEA R44 and R84 microphones. 100% handcrafted in Pasadena, CA.

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