Microsoft Built the Surface Laptop 3 for Easy Repairs, But Don’t You Dare Try It Yourself

Microsoft Built the Surface Laptop 3 for Easy Repairs, But Don’t You Dare Try It Yourself

This week Microsoft revealed a whole bunch of new hardware.
There were groundbreaking reveals, like the
Surface Duo
Surface Neo
. There were also some incremental updates to
existing devices.

Take the Surface Laptop 3, for example. There’s a new 15-inch
model that ships with an AMD Ryzen 7 processor. It’s got a

USB Type-C port
. It also has a modular design that makes it
easy to disassemble and reassemble.

That may not necessarily the sexiest feature, but it’s one
that is increasingly critical as companies like Microsoft look for
ways to build more sustainable products.

It’s a welcome bit of news in an era when a lot of
manufacturers think thin and light laptops are best crammed into
enclosures that are frustrating to open at best and impossible to
open without damaging at worst.

Apart from just meaning that the Surface Laptop 3 is a breeze to
fix, its modular construction also means that some components (like
the SSD) are easy to upgrade.

There’s a catch, however. Only authorized hands have
Microsoft’s blessing to crack open the Surface Laptop 3. Do it
yourself and
you’ll void your warranty
(unless, of course, you happen to
be a technician employed by one of the MS-authorized repair

Thomas B. Pahl, former Acting Director of the FTC’s Bureau of
Consumer Protection, said last fall that “provisions that tie
warranty coverage to the use of particular products or services
harm both consumers who pay more for them as well as the small
businesses who offer competing products and services.”

Several states are also working on right-to-repair legislation.
Hopefully they’ll start getting passed and companies like
Microsoft can put their energy into building even better products.
You know, instead of wasting it shaking fists and stomping around
because we want to be able to tinker with something that we bought
with our own hard-earned cash.


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